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Midnight Meanderings

My mom once wrote me an email with the subject line: “midnight meanderings”. Beautiful alliteration, Mom!

Does your mind just wander when you lie awake or are you focused and alert?

I have a friend who swears his best thinking comes after the midnight hour when his wife and kids have long been asleep. I tend to believe him too, as he is a successful small business owner. Innovation is paramount to the success of his company, which relies on the creative ideas he, presumably dreams up, when most other people are slaying dragons or dancing in lily fields during their nightly REM cycle.

I, on the other hand, differ quite greatly from this. My brain wanders aimlessly through the night, probably because I’d rather be asleep. I drift from one meaningless search to the next. For example, I spent the first chunk of my sleeplessness tonight watching old Law & Order episodes on Netflix. Then felt Zillow calling my name to look at “recycled real estate”, properties I’ve seen many times before, but just can’t seem to shake. That led me to the social network favorites of Facebook and Twitter. And now I sit reclined in bed with my 6-week old son asleep on my chest as I write this blog post, fighting to keep my eyelids open for just a few more minutes.

Why? No clue, my brain doesn’t operate on full power at this hour. Enough midnight meandering for me.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.



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