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Do It All Again?

Hi there, I’m Christi, Seth’s wife. I thought it would be fun to jot down some thoughts I’ve been having and share them. I was recently talking to a friend who told me about a survey in which parents were asked, “If you had it to do over, would you have kids again?”. Results were … Continue reading

Midnight Meanderings

My mom once wrote me an email with the subject line: “midnight meanderings”. Beautiful alliteration, Mom! Does your mind just wander when you lie awake or are you focused and alert? I have a friend who swears his best thinking comes after the midnight hour when his wife and kids have long been asleep. I … Continue reading

Adventures of Two

Someone once told me, “You’re not a parent until you have two kids.” With the recent addition of our second son, just under three weeks ago, we are now joyfully able to fill in that box. However, as any mom or dad with a talkative two-year-old would most certainly agree, a more appropriate statement would … Continue reading