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There’s this problem. Maybe you have encountered it before. It happens when you give something up for awhile and then decide you need it back again. Although, whether you have given it up for a week or a few months, you have forgotten how. We all give certain things up in our lives and either write them off forever or return to them. I’m writing in such broad language because these “things” are different for everyone. The forgetfulness I am encountering is futile in the grand scheme of life because it has to do with this very blog. I’ve completely forgotten how to edit this site and must teach myself again. My words seem quite elementary for the vocabulary I know that I possess. It’s been two plus months since I have published a meaningful post and I’ve allowed my writing skills to diminish.

I know I have faced this problem of forgetfulness at other times in my life and of far greater importance was the subject matter. However, whether we “get back on the horse” to improve ourselves or relationships we cherish with others; I have found the path of improvement to be just as rewarding, if not more, than the end result. Some “horses” are easier to climb back on than others. As a general rule though, anything worthwhile in life requires work.




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