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Into the Bush

Today was a terrific day! I thought about just posting photos and not writing any words, but the excitement of the day is too great for me to contain. I need to share it with you. I had many great and first-time experiences today and I’ll try as best as I can to keep my words few and just explain the photos to you.

Old water source for Alyet Village. Both cattle and people drink out of this murky puddle.

Can you imagine your son or daughter drinking this water?

Divine Waters Uganda drilling a well for the Alyet Village. 115 households will use safe, clean water from this well benefitting approximately 600 Ugandans!

The welcome we received from students of the Te-Ongora Primary School. Over 1,000 kids!

Delivering a short speech to the crowd of students and elders at Te-Ongora in their native language of Luo. I had a crash course this morning courtesy of Dickson and Daniel of Divine Waters.

Julie Smith of Lifewater International pumping water for me to drink. It is refreshing!

What a beautiful smile!

Dickson enjoying a Coca-Cola after a hard day's work.

Richard, who teaches the rest of his village about the importance of good sanitation and hygiene, helps me practice safe hygiene through hand washing.

Gorgeous African sunset in the Pearl of Africa

I hope you enjoyed these photos. It was a truly amazing day, one I will never forget. There’s nothing like witnessing all that God is doing here in-person with your own two eyes. If you have ever dreamed of taking a trip to Africa or wherever your heart leads you, I urge you to listen and go.

Lifewater International and Divine Waters Uganda provides safe water, sanitation and hygiene to people living in communities of extreme poverty all in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to check out their amazing work and decide if you can help either financially or prayerfully.

Thanks for reading.




6 thoughts on “Into the Bush

  1. That is awesome!God is great be safe big guy!

    Posted by kle-dog | January 25, 2012, 12:57 AM
  2. Your huge smile says it all……..You are having the time of your life following one of your dreams! Good work big guy! 🙂 Safe travels! B, D, M and C

    Posted by brenda | January 25, 2012, 1:02 AM
  3. Forgot to ask………….how do they know where to drill for the well? You didn’t say…..

    Posted by brenda | January 25, 2012, 1:03 AM
    • Brenda, the community comes together and decides where they’d like the well to be located. Sometimes they may encounter problems such hard rock underground that they must drill through. However, it’s more a matter of how deep they have to drill to reach the water supply. In a village, often times it is only 45-60 feet deep. If it is for a school, then it’s a deep well with a depth of 200 feet. Since there are over 1,000 students at a primary school plus all the people in the village that use it, the well needs to be very deep to accomodate all those people.

      Posted by sethrolsen | January 25, 2012, 6:53 PM
  4. Thank you for making us feel like we’re there witnessing all GOD has for the people that call on his holy name. What an experience this has been to share with you. Next stop NFL Africa and Commissioner Olsen
    Safe travels buddy

    Posted by Anant | January 27, 2012, 2:57 PM

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