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Morning Worship

The crickets are holding a concert outside as I am writing this. Let me tell you about church this morning. We joined some of the people of Divine Waters Uganda (DWU) this morning and the rest of the congregation at Kirombe Pentacostal Church. We walked into a church stocked full of brothers and sisters praise Jesus in unison. Immediately I felt God’s presence in the room, just as he promises to us in Matthew 18:20. The worship was exhilarating with the sound of bass guitar and keyboard providing the background played out over the speaker system. Most of the worship was sung in English with some Luo, the local language, mixed in. The sermon was delivered in those two languages, first in English by one pastor and then translated into Luo by another. The whole service lasted for about three hours, about three times longer than most American church services!

I had another small world experience today. This one far more unlikely than the previous one I posted. We were eating lunch at our hotel in Lira and there was a group of six American men at the table next to us. I asked one of them a question in which he responded, “Where are you from?” It turns out that the entire group is from Colorado with three of them attending a church I am familiar with, Mission Hills in Littleton. I dug a little deeper to find out we share mutual friends in Stephen and Jen Verwers! What a small world it truly is that I would be halfway around the world and meet people from my own city with the same friends. They are actually here for a similar purpose, too. These six men have partnered with local churches to repair boreholes, narrow wells drilled for water.

May God bless you throughout your day!





2 thoughts on “Morning Worship

  1. We are enjoying your blog, Seth! You are having rich experiences and for that we are grateful. Continued blessings on your trip!

    Posted by Neil | January 22, 2012, 5:54 PM
  2. Pretty amazing that you meet others from the Denver area! Stay safe………….and look forward to reading more tomorrow!!

    Posted by brenda | January 22, 2012, 10:06 PM

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