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Lira, Uganda

It was a beautiful drive up to Lira yesterday afternoon. Green trees all around, pine and palm, along the road. Although it is dry season, it is very green. We drove across the Nile and I was in absolute awe. I’ve never seen such a raging river; wider than I had imagined, too. I could not take any pictures though. They have military guarding the river and will confiscate cameras if they catch you snapping photos. Deleo commented how it’s quite odd that they are guarding water that no one is trying to steal. It’s widely believed there’s a secret military base hidden nearby. Gun turrets on the hill above are a good indication. We passed by several baboons shortly after, which I was able to capture through my Nikon lens.

Whenever a town approached, whether a huge city like Kampala or the smallest town, there were shops all along the road. Many were selling the same goods. It was the same scene for the entire six-hour journey north. Small town or rural countryside, the homes were either brick and mortar with a sheet metal roof or small round huts made of clay with thatch grass roofs. No hardwood or slate floors here, all dirt. Most of these homes were just off the road because that proximity is how these men, women and children make a living. Roadside shops are prevalent, selling everything from hand bags to steering wheel covers, bed frames to firewood and most commonly, fruit stands. Taxi vans packed full of and three to a motorcycle were a common sight. Seeing the daily struggle most have to provide for themselves and/or their family makes me uber thankful for the blessed and easy life I have in the States.

Bollocks, it was hot in my room last night. Similar accommodations as the night before except no free wi-fi or air conditioning. I saw an A/C unit, but no controls to turn it on. Another privilege of home I appreciate more. Random thought: I feel like Kevin Costner’s character in “Dances With Wolves” as I write my thoughts in my journal.




2 thoughts on “Lira, Uganda

  1. We chatted with Christi and Rylan today! And are having fun reading your daily updates! 🙂

    Posted by Brenda | January 22, 2012, 6:33 AM

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