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En Route to Entebbe

I had an extremely close call…I almost missed my flight to Entebbe, Uganda! I paid 3 pounds to use the Internet and Facebooked Christi to let her know I arrived safely on my 1st flight. (Side note: How cool for Facebook and Google that their company names became verbs. If I ever start a company, that should be one of my goals.) Anyway, I looked at the departures board and it said “flight closing” for my flight. Alarmed…I quickly dropped down th elevator to hear the final call for my flight. Thankfully, I made the bus shuttle to the tarmac to board the British Airways plane operated by our crew of Brits.

Most of the in-flight entertainment is British besides the American blockbusters, of course. I watched “Billy Connolly’s Route 66” which had this Brit giving a tour of American cities and small towns along the famous highway. Fun fact: Route 66 traverses eight states and covers over 2,500 miles of pavement! Ok, not very fun, I know. Because this road starts in Chicago, they talked about Al Capone and mentioned an actual fun fact. Capone hated drinking spoiled milk as a child, so much so that he had the “Sell By” date printed on milk bottles and it stuck. I didn’t verify this, but I’m just going with it.

Im sitting across the aisle from a Ugandan mother and her two sons (7 mos. and 4 yrs). A tough task she has managing two young kiddos on a nine hour international flight. They are going to see their daddy. How precious little children are…truly God’s greatest gift! It makes me miss Rylan even more. Seeing this mom in action causes my mind to drift and think of the magnificent mommy that Christi is to Ry. God made her, designed her for that purpose; more than her occupational calling as a nurse.




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