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Safari at Murchison Falls

Before leaving Uganda, I had the opportunity to go on an afternoon game drive in Murchison Falls National Park. Although we searched for the elusive lion unsuccessfully, we did spot a dozen other beautiful animals. In addition, we drove up to the top of Murchison Falls to see its amazing power on display. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

Good-Bye Uganda

I’ve had a long day travelling in the truck. I am ready to fly out of Entebbe in 5 hours! Seth

One More Day

In an effort to bring you up to speed, allow me to recount the last couple of days. Yesterday, I participated in an activity that brings me great joy: playing football (soccer) with children. Accompanied by Dickson and Jimmy of Divine Waters, we picked up some ingredients to make porridge, soccer balls for entertainment and candy … Continue reading

Opako Obonga

As the dust settled, the constant laughter faded and the field was no longer filled with a single one. Thirty minutes prior, adults and children alike enjoyed the world’s sport and the diversity of two very different languages. On that morning, there was only one language that mattered: play. A ball made of plastic bags … Continue reading

Into the Bush

Today was a terrific day! I thought about just posting photos and not writing any words, but the excitement of the day is too great for me to contain. I need to share it with you. I had many great and first-time experiences today and I’ll try as best as I can to keep my words … Continue reading

Divine Waters Compound-Yesterday, January 23rd

Due to lack of access to the Internet last night, I’ll be giving you a double dose tonight. Every organization, at least Christian ones, should start their work day as Divine Waters Uganda (DWU) does every day. They sing a couple of songs of praise and worship; nothing fancy, just clapping and singing. This is … Continue reading

Morning Worship

The crickets are holding a concert outside as I am writing this. Let me tell you about church this morning. We joined some of the people of Divine Waters Uganda (DWU) this morning and the rest of the congregation at Kirombe Pentacostal Church. We walked into a church stocked full of brothers and sisters praise … Continue reading

Lira, Uganda

It was a beautiful drive up to Lira yesterday afternoon. Green trees all around, pine and palm, along the road. Although it is dry season, it is very green. We drove across the Nile and I was in absolute awe. I’ve never seen such a raging river; wider than I had imagined, too. I could … Continue reading

Arrival to Entebbe, Uganda

I didn’t know my fingers or brain could type this fast, but I’m all caught up on the thoughts and experiences I wanted to share with you. Rather, I will be after a few more short paragraphs. Here goes. Initial thoughts: There was a distinct smell as I stepped into the fresh, muggy Ugandan air. … Continue reading

Psalm 18:1-2

I challenge you to memorize this within two days from the time you read it. I’ll be doing the same. I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom  I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my … Continue reading